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Cost Estimates

I paint from my heart for the person who wants one of my pieces and am humbled and flattered that you chose me to do your painting. However, it is a business, and although I would love to paint for you for free, I cannot afford to do that. So, with that being said, below are the estimated costs.

Whether the painting is done by hand the traditional wet paint/brush method on canvas or by the stroke by stoke digital method on canvas, (see techniques) the price will be the same because both methods take approximately the same amount of time.


Painting hours are very difficult to estimate without seeing your reference material, and knowing exactly what you are expecting from your painting. The more detailed the painting, the more of my time is required.


The size of the painting does not affect the labor cost because as much time and detail goes into the painting, no matter the size ordered. I do offer discounts for multiple orders of the same painting. You can also order different sizes of the same painting.


PAINTING - The average and minimum charge for the painting of a commissioned piece is $200 for LANDSCAPE, and $300 for PORTRAIT.  This price includes the actual labor of the painting and the hand brush sealing of the finished product.


The painting price may vary depending on the detail of the painting. For more than one subject (person or pet) in the painting the price will increase $25 per subject because of the extra time involved.


The price will be adjusted depending on the amount of time spent on the painting, and a closer estimate will be given once I see your reference materials. If I can do the painting in less time than estimated, the cost will be deducted. If it takes me more hours, the price will increase accordingly.


PRODUCTION - The production price includes the actual canvas, stretching and mounting on it's frame, plus the printing. This price is estimated on the chart below and will be added to the painting charge.


The production costs may vary due to discounts and increases offered by my suppliers at the time of my orders.  


If I get a break in the production, I pass it on to you. However, there are also times when my suppliers increase their prices, that will also be passed on. Below is the average cost for each size offered.


FRAMING - If you want framing service, the cost for the frame and expenses will be extra. I charge you exactly what the frame costs me, plus the cost of the framing, my time and expenses to buy the frame. I'm not trying to make money on this service, because I want you to love your finished piece and personally, I like the paintings framed, but that is entirely up to you. This service is optional.


Also tax and shipping are not included.



Half the estimated price of the completed painting is required before the painting begins, and the remainder when it is finished. However, I do take credit and debit cards through Paypal and will work with you on a payment plan.

Production Estimate

Square Canvas Format                           Price

    8" x 8"                                               25.00     
    12" x 12"                                           30.00    
    16" x 16"                                           40.00    
    20" x 20"                                           50.00    
    24" x 24"                                           60.00    

    30" x 30"                                           75.00    
    40" x 40"                                          100.00    
    3 panel splits 48" x 48"                      135.00    


Cinema-format Canvas Format
    14" x 8"                                             25.00    

    20" x 12"                                           40.00    
    24" x 14"                                           50.00    
    30" x 16"                                           60.00    

    36" x 20"                                           70.00    
    40" x 24"                                           75.00    
    48" x 30"                                           95.00    

Landscape Canvas Format

    12" x 8"                                             25.00    
    12" x 10"                                           30.00    

    14" x 10"                                           35.00    
    16" x 12"                                           40.00    
    20" x 16"                                           55.00    
    24" x 16"                                           60.00    

    24" x 20"                                           65.00    
    30" x 20"                                           70.00    
    30" x 24"                                           75.00    
    40" x 20"                                           80.00    

    36" x 24"                                           85.00    
    3 panel splits 36" x 24"                     100.00    
    40" x 30"                                           90.00    
    48" x 36"                                         115.00    
    48" x 40"                                         130.00    

    60" x 40"                                         175.00    

    3 panel splits 60" x 40"                     175.00    

    3 panel splits 60" x 48"                     175.00    

Panoramic Canvas Format

    20" x 10"                                           40.00    
    24" x 12"                                           55.00    
    36" x 12"                                           60.00    
    48" x 12"                                           65.00    
    48" x 16"                                           85.00    
    3 panel splits 48" x 16"                     100.00    

    4 panel splits 48" x 16"                     100.00    
    48" x 24"                                         115.00    
    3 panel splits 48" x 24"                     115.00    
    4 panel splits 48" x 24"                     115.00    

    60" x 30"                                         165.00    
    3 panel splits 60" x 30"                     165.00    

Production estimates do not include painting labor, frame, framing, sales tax. or shipping costs.


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